EPoint2GE: Excel Points to Google Earth

Create Google Earth files in less than a minute.

EPoint2GE will convert your point coordinates from Excel to Google Earth and generate KML
files. Visualize, navigate and share your project points with satellite imagery provided by
Google Earth.

The data points can be either on Geographic coordinates (Latitude and Longitud, in decimal
degrees) or UTM (X,Y in meters) and refere
nced to the WGS84 datum.

EPoint2GE contains a list of columns of input data combinations. You can use a single
symbol style  for all the points or assign a different one for each point.

With EPoint2GE creating a KML file is as easy as:

1) Select Coordinate System
2) Select the columns of data
3) Identify the column's order
4) Select a symbol for the point
5) Type the file Name
6) Click Accept
EPoint2GE is a beta freeware tool. This program doesn't need to
be installed, just double click on the file.

EPoint2GE.zip contains a Microsoft Excel file (EPoint2GE.xls).
This tool was created using VBA subroutines, therefore macros must be

Feel free to report any bugs/comments!

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Last update: April 1, 2007
Delay for Epoint2GE 2.0.  It will be available on November 16, 2008.
Meanwhile you could use the actual version at the bottom