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GE_Extent: Google Earth Display Extent

GE_Extent is not a program, it is a Google Earth KML file with a control link to zonums
server. When GE_Extent.kml file is opened in Google Earth it creates a link to a zonums
script that reformat the display coordinates and makes them available to the user as part
of the KML file.

By default it is updating the  coordinates every 20 seconds. You can modify this by clicking
right button under zonums link and choosing properties.

1) Open GE_Extent.kml into Google Earth
2) Zoom/Pan in Google Earth to the area you want to know the extents
3) In the "Places Pane", Click on the link "coordinates box"
4) A popup message will show the coordinates
NOTE: This tool is working correctly with Google Earth Free
(Version 4.0.2019 beta released on Sep 12 2006)

It is not working with 4.0.2416 released on November 1st 2006