Tools do not work in Google Earth

Zonums Tools designed to work wih Google Earth are basically divided into
two groups:

a) Tools using  KML
The Google Earth installed in your computer must support KML 2.1

Google Earth (TM) released a beta version of the COM API with GE version 4.
This API has been changing in the different releases of 4.x and my tools may
not work properly.

Tools were tested using the Google Earth Free version 4.0.2019 (released on
Sep. 12 2006) and they work correctly.

Tools are not working with 4.0.2416 (released on November 1st 2006).

Google Earth 4.0.2416 has been reported to be a very unstable version,
therefore Zonums Tools will not be adapted to work with this new version.
Free Software Tools
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Tools using KML 2.1

  • GE-Extent

  • GE-UTM

  • GE-Datum
Tools using GE COM API

  • zGE-Toolbox

  • GE-Imagen

  • GE-Layer Maker